Miami without a doubt is one of the best tourist destinations in the United States. The place has many interesting and wonderful spots to spend a relaxing vacation and is suitable for both the young and older people. Miami Beach is a place people love to visit and those who have been to Miami Beach, feel like going there again and again to explore the beauty of the place once again.

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The South Beach, Haulover Beach, and Virginia Key Beach are among the best tourist destination in Miami. To start with, the South Beach is a classic place to visit. Clothing is optional in this beach, and people have the privilege to bath topless. The jogging path paved along the beach is a nice place if you want to jog or walk for a while. The Virginia Key Beach is located in a very suitable place; anyone staying in hotel can come here walking. Possibly this is the most popular beach in Miami. Therefore, certain areas of the beach always remain crowed. But there are quite spots here if you want to spend some time alone; you just need to be lucky to find one

The parks in Miami Beach are also worth visiting. They offer learning pieces of history, swimming, sunbathing and boating. Many parks also allow fishing, making the visit a memorable one for those who love fishing. While on your vacation to Miami Beach, you may consider visiting the museums. You will get to learn about Miami’s culture, Latin heritage, history, ecosystem and many more, and the kids will love their time at the museum. The children would also love to visit the arcade center, Venetian Pool and the zoo.

Visiting the Little Havana is a great idea if you want to have a taste of Cuba. Even though the Cubans do not live there, they are really proud of their neighborhood. You will find most of the shops and restaurants just as a replica of the actual ones back at their home. It is an amazing experience to see the Mediterranean style houses with the rocking chairs on the porch. You will also smell the fragrant tobacco wafting from the cigar stores. The Latin music from the record shops in low volume goes great with the illusion you will be in.

The night life of Miami Beach is also wonderful. You can dine in the wonderful restaurants offering a variety of foods across the world. There are many unique restaurants that serve fresh American foods as well. Barton G is a great place to dine at serving you fabulous cuisine. If you are looking for some light food, consider visiting Segafredo. Their sandwiches are really good there. The night clubs are also worth visiting.

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