When I first started playing this game, I spent quite a bit of time struggling for what TFT (third party add-ons) to use. To be honest I don’t even know anymore which ones are useful and which ones are useless. While the best TFT comps may be fairly subjective and may be discovered after just post is created, those who want TFT to be an invaluable resource for everyone to see need TFT Meta guides to be an invaluable resource for not just the new and returning players, but even for anyone who already knows what Teamfight Tactics or other such comps dictate the metas. TFT has been around long enough to reach a level where it is more common than not at least a staple for any viable raiding class in World of Warcraft. If you want a list of the best TFT comps for each class, then you have come to the right place. In this article we will discuss and compare all the classes in World of Warcraft, the TFT provides a unique opportunity to choose the best comp for whatever your preferred style of play may be!

TFT Patch 10.21: The Best Team Comps! | EarlyGame

We’ll begin with Arms. Arms are the “Mixed” class since they can fill in some roles, but excel in many others. For example, Focused Fencer is a tank, but also can generate DPS from its stationary cyclone and can also fieldpell. So while it has tanking capabilities, it also has very good support abilities, mobility and survivability thanks to its CC immunity and powerful burst damage ability. The best comps for Arms are the ones that allow for a mix of effective CC and strong burst damage TFT Best Comps .

Next up is the Tank. Well played tanks will have high health, plenty of endurance, shield and resistance to fire, energy, CC (Crowd Control) and immune to most status effects. The best comps for a tank are survivable, powerful burst damage and good CC prevention. This is usually achieved via buffing endurance, increasing vitality and buffing defense. tanks can usually rely on just a few items or only having a few S-tier abilities.

Second is the Red Buff. Red Buffs is a mix of different things. For starters, you’ll want to have a decent amount of energy, preferably above 400. You’ll want at least one red buff and probably more. Most red buffs in the game scale with level and are pretty strong at higher levels. A few S-tanks can carry a party pretty well as well, and thus make these the most popular TFT Comps at lower levels.

S-tier composition is basically the best comps for TFT. At the highest levels (level 40), there are only three main carries that really matter in TFT: the main tank (who have a huge advantage over the rest of the team due to his superior health), the s-tier carry who can fill the role of a support and also deal a lot of direct damage and usually has a high armor pen; and the secondary carry, who usually has some mitigation strength. With this setup, there are usually no real ‘carrying’ duties. This is the ideal comp for grinding to level 40 quickly.

Mid-tier comps are good for those who really want to optimize their skills and don’t have a lot of time to play in the battlegrounds or raids. The idea behind mid-tier comps is to spam your ability to do damage as much as possible and make sure you have multiple backup healers, so you can always be ready for when your primary abilities are used. This game plan works perfectly in raids, where you can quickly heal yourself and/or others when needed. If you are serious about the game, you should really focus on this type of comp.

Finally, TFT Best Comps lists the best DPS-MAX setups for those who are looking to do massive damage with their single-target spells and attacks. For example, in the raid setting, this type of comp is usually called “star units”. Star units are built up by using a combination of debuff abilities, interrupts, special moves and attacks, with the aim of dealing out large amounts of damage with a single cast. Ideally, star units should be used when everyone in the raid is stunned, slowed, stunned or otherwise debilitated. Ideally, you should not be required to use your star units unless you absolutely need to, as they will just sit and do nothing unless you put them to use.

So, which TFT Best Comps is best for you? There are a lot of different types of abilities and builds, and one or more of them might fit your style better than others. If you think that you will mostly be doing “a-taunt” style things (where you hit everything that gets within range of you with a single a taunt ability and keep them at a distance), you will want to look at a-tier comps like the S-tier comps, where you get both an A-Taunt and a S-casting A taunt. That way, you can keep your opponents guessing what you’re going to do next!

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