If you are not familiar with the term “WordPress,” then you are certainly missing out on one of the most popular free blogging platforms on the internet. WordPress is a robust free and open source content management system based in PHP and coupled with a MySQL or MariaDB server. Features include a strong template system and plugin architecture, known as Themes, which lets you customize your blog or website in a way that is unique to you. Once you have installed a theme, all of your posts, pages, and other content on your blog will be themed according to the theme. That’s where the potential for customization comes into play.

When you install a WordPress theme, you will get an icon with a default label that allows you to choose a theme. In most cases, there will also be a section on the install screen where you can change the default theme, or modify your own personal styles anhecateingenieria.com. All of these features make blogging easy and enjoyable, even for the novice.

A common feature of WordPress blogs is the homepage, or home page. The Homepage is either a static template or a customized template depending on your preferences. In most cases, the homepage settings are set by the administrator of your WordPress site, which makes changes to your theme immediately after installation. Changes made to the homepage settings will update your blog automatically, so you don’t have to worry about making posts or page updates manually.mcha-tw.com reservation-tarnetgaronne.com shampooantiresiduos.com uscustomerserviceno.com rozumnyiukr.com rozumnyiukr.com iambrookeevers.com jazzboxdejazztel.com

WordPress uses “trackbacks” to notify the blogger of an action. A trackback is a notification that tells the blogger that their post has been viewed. WordPress uses this information to send an email to the person who posted the trackback.

kimberley-hotel.com A typical trackback would look something like this: Someone visited my blog (IP address) and liked (or disliked) my post. Someone else has viewed (or communicated with) me and liked (or disliked) my post.yoshida-pastabar.com bamboogardenoakdale.com boardwalk-deepcreek.com carreradiadelamujer.com

There are several different plugins that make it easy for people to manage their WordPress blogs. One plugin, called All-in-One-SEO, will add Google AdSense to your blog automatically when you publish new content. You can also track all of your social bookmarking activities in a plug-in called WP- Buddy Swipe. Plugins such as These allow you to manage the administration screen and provide a user interface for managing your blogs. zxcvfgdy.com

Some people enjoy creating blogs to share their knowledge while others just want to share links to interesting websites they find. There are plug-ins for WordPress to make both blogging and posting links easier. One example is Link Widgets dzogrillnbar.com, which allows users to quickly and easily add hyperlinks to website content or articles. You can also leave comments on other blogs and leave a subscribe link to your own blog’s subscribe button. castleco-op.com

One more great feature of WordPress is the built-in media library. WordPress can save you a TON of time and frustration if you can get some media files from your web server. If you have an RSS feed and an audio file, for example, WordPress will be able to pull them from the server and publish them to your blog automatically! If you’re not comfortable publishing your blog using your own software, there are also great third-party plug-ins that will do it for you. cbmet2012.com 1674restaurant.com 7165germantown.com 9thaico.com

WordPress is still growing, so many more options are available as well. Plugins such as Pingbacks and CommentIDs allow you to track down information about your favorite blogs, even if you don’t have their RSS feeds. With WordPress’ built-in search feature, you can search for specific blogs by categories, keywords, or tags. If you are new to blogging, you will quickly learn that WordPress offers an outstanding platform for developing and expanding your blogging business.

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