Many battles are lost before they ever get started because the fighters involved feel they will lose before they ever step out on the battle field! We as Entrepreneurs have pretty much an upward battle to fight. We have great ideas, but we also are barraged with negative thoughts about our own abilities, or if we’ve “got what it takes” to make our business endeavors a success. Am I right?

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I’ve got some important words for every Entrepreneur reading this right now. This article is related to your mindset. And your mindset dictates everything that you do – good or bad; incredible or mediocre. So, as a result, it is directly related to the success in your business, your life, and the impact you will have on the world. And I’m finally letting this out. Pay special attention to this post because it could absolutely change your life from here on out. Here it is:

Throughout my life, I’ve realized one incredible, powerful, and inspiring fact: All people truly are created equal.

What I mean by that is that there is not one person who has in their genes any inherent talents. In other words, I have learned from experience that nobody has what many people call “natural talent.” I’ll explain how I’ve come to that conclusion, and go over what I call proofs that this is true in just a minute. But, what I want to emphasize first is that this is great news for so many people! What this will help you to see is that anyone, if he really focuses on what he’s doing, can achieve whatever he wants. If you truly understand this concept, your productivity may increase dramatically, and you may be able to accomplish things that will completely blow your mind!

(Warning! The only people that will not absolutely love and attach themselves to this concept are people whose self-worth heavily depends on their thinking that they are better and naturally smarter than others. So, if that describes you, get prepared to be disappointed!)

Now, let me start off by telling you how I came to realize this concept existed:

When I was a kid, I was always told that I was slow. My family members (who loved me very dearly by the way), would always “remind” me that I was “slow” whenever I was told to do something that obviously was pretty simple and yet I would come back “empty-handed.” It wasn’t just audible instructions that I couldn’t quite seem to get a grasp on. Even when it came to other things like sports, my brother would often remind me that I was slow. And to top things all off, I was put into a “special” class for young kids who needed “help”.

However, for some reason, I never really believed that I was “slow”, despite all the “evidence” against me, and despite how many people constantly told me that. I must have had a healthy sense of self-worth even when I was very young. And needless to say, their telling me that I was slow created in me a strong desire to prove to them that I really wasn’t. Yes, I wanted them to see my reality. Now, I never really thought that I was “smart”. But, I knew that I wasn’t “slow”!

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