Tirukural- the Tamil Veda (HOLY BOOK) was written 2000 years back and so its author Saint Tiruvalluvar was a contemporary to Jesus Christ. The contents of Tirukural apply even for modern thinking and education. Kural means any brief verse. The title ‘Tiru’ (or Thiru) is added as a sign of respect to both the verses and the poet. For brevity, it is mentioned in some places as Kural and Valluvar respectively. Tirukural belongs to SANGAM LITERATURE of Tamil language. Tamil Sangam means an association of learned Tamil Scholars of Madurai, the erstwhile capital of PANDYA kingdom where, written works of poets were recognised after great scrutiny and review by eminent Tamil scholars. Tirukural is one such literal work recognised among 18 books by Sangam during the first century B.C. Tirukural has been translated in all major languages of the world. In fact, Rev Father G.U.Pope was impressed greatly by its Latin translation and ventured to translate it in English. He compared the saying of Tiruvalluvar “All the living beings are born equal”(pirappokkum ella uyirkkum) to the teaching in Bible.

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There are 1330 verses in toto in 133 chapters of 10 verses each on different topics.
This article deals with what Tiruvalluvar has to say about EDUCATION Togel Hongkong. The ten verses he has written about education form couplets 391 to 400, i.e. the 40th chapter which falls under the category of Materialism. This is not a word to word translation, but a treatise on the subject how Bliss can be obtained in one birth itself by getting the high value of Education during one’s life time.

1. (Kural 391 onwards): one should learn whatever has to be learnt without any fault. Once such learning is complete, he should live according to the lessons he has already learnt true to the spirit of learning. Perfect learning, devoid of all errors and doubts, is the basis of education. One should be clear about all aspects in the subject chosen. More importantly, there should not be any doubt about the questions that might arise at a later date even after the education is completed. Only such an education could make one fit for higher self. Also, on completion of education, one should never deviate from the path guided by education. Thus such a high value to education, regardless of the chosen field of profession such as medicine, jurisprudence, engineering, and what not!

The concept has taken our nation by storm. Everyone wants a pie from it. Suddenly one and all want to be part of this great manufacturing revolution.

The assumption here being that we Indians are not using Indian manufactured goods and a la Gandhiji, we must revert back to our roots. Its yesterday once more and as Alisha sang in 1990s “… chahiye bus made in India”. Anyway, the good citizen that I am, I decided to accept this concept of patriotism in toto. Hence the project “home transformation” started.

The three basics, food, clothing shelter were the first to be given a relook. Food does not have any room for improvement. I challenge any nation of the world to provide more delicious “tandoori chicken” than our roadside dhabas. Wheat, rice, vegetables, all home grown (figuratively speaking) and oil, well Punjabis are addicted to desi ghee. Even western dishes like noodles (can anyone surpass our own maggi), pastas and breads are deliciously Indian. Chocolates, ice creams, sauces, jams, toppings, seasonings, cakes, cookies etc everything is being happily provided by Indian entrepreneurs. Indian products are also patronized by most of us as they are easier on the pocket than their foreign counterparts.

Our saris, Punjabi suits and best of cotton shirts; are grown, ginned, woven and stitched in one and only, India. Even Levi jeans are sourced from Indian producers. Indian hosiery products and Woolens are exported to western nations also. So there is no chance of any foreign influence on the attire also.

I decided to conduct a thorough audit of my kitchen equipment. Basic utensils made of steel are made from SAIL steel or Tata steel and nothing can be more Indian than that. There is a bone china crockery set from a reputed company of, as expected, India. Pressure cookers are again from a prestigious firm, lovingly bought be my husband, inspired by movie actors. And lo behold, there it is sneaking from the back shelf, an antique, china dinner set, made in London, gifted by my Mamu. I am unable to remove it and throw it away as, not to beat around the bush, it is expensive. I mull over the issue and then it strikes me that it is old and it was bought by my maternal grandfather on his visit to England in the year 1935. At that time India was governed by UK and hence there was no distinction as to India and UK. Logically that is also Indian. Now I can retain this with clear conscious

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