The house edge at blackjack runs about 0.5%, which is extremely low compared to other casino games, but an experienced card counter can gain a 1% edge over the casino. Card counting is not illegal, but casinos may refuse to allow card counters to gamble at their tables. In the online casinos the cards are “shuffled” by the software after every hand, so the advantage card counting offers can only be used at land-based casinos. In spite of these two drawbacks many professional and amateur gamblers develop card counting skill and profit from it.

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The object of card counting is to determine if the shoe is loaded with high cards (ten-value cards and aces) or loaded with low cards (2 through 6). This information helps the player size his bets because a shoe rich in high cards favors the player, while a shoe rich in low cards favors the dealer BK8. When a lot of high cards have been played, the remaining deck contains an excess of low cards, which will help the dealer turn stiffs (12, 13, 14, 15, or 16) into winning hands. The opposite is also true: a deck rich in high cards will cause the dealer to bust as he draws to his stiffs. The rules require the dealer to hit his stiffs even if the deck is rich in high cards that will bust him; of course the player may draw to his stiffs or not as he sees fit.

On the surface card counting appears to be difficult to master but with a few simple exercises and a lot of practice you can become quite good at it. The first thing you must decide is what counting system you will use. A simple system counts plus 1 as cards favorable to the player (the five low cards – 2 through 6) are played and counts minus 1 as ten-value cards and aces appear. Keep a running count, and if the count grows higher and the remaining cards become favorable, the size of your bets increases.

Here are five exercises to get you started on the road to becoming an expert card counter. Master each exercise thoroughly before going on to the next one.

Exercise 1: Start with a standard deck of 52 cards. Turn the cards over one at a time and say the individual values out loud. As you build up your speed remember accuracy is more important than speed. Repeat this exercise until you can go through the deck in under twenty seconds.

Exercise 2: Remove any three cards from the deck so you can check your final number and now keep a running count as you turn over the cards. Say the running count out loud. Check your final count number against the three cards you pulled out. Set your goal again at twenty seconds.

Although Chartwell Technology has gained popularity for their relationship with betting in the world of sport, they are fast closing the gap with their influence in the mobile gaming and internet casino gaming.

Their profile portrays a remarkable assortment of browser based and downloadable games that is backed with excellent quality of graphics and loading speed. Chartwell Technology is a favorite amongst online gamblers due to their extensive technology applied to gambling games such as Roulette, Black Jack, various slots and multi hand poker games.

Very few competitors can rub shoulders with Chartwell’s sound and graphics sector. Although there are some who might feel that specializing in not downloadable games is a drawback, the realistic appearance of the look, sound and feel of their software, impersonate the pulsating atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino perfectly.

Another huge thumb up for Chartwell’s online casinos is the simplicity associated with it. One of the main protests of many an online gambler is the complexity and difficulty to reach their favorite game online. Clearly this is not applicable to Chartwell Technologies. More attention was given to make the applications easy and simple to reach without compromising too much of the outside appearance of the actual game.

One area great improvement is possible for Chartwell Technologies is the diversity of their games. The basic games of Roulette in the American or European versions are available. With regards to Black Jack, you will find an array of variations and on various stakes. Slots players can enjoy a selection of three and five reel slots and poker lovers can kill boredom with either video poker, Let it Ride, Red Dog, or Pai Gow. In spite of the lack of variety, it does not mean you will find it boring. As mentioned before, there is enough variety to keep the normal player busy for a noticeable time.

Another factor that distinguishes Chartwell Technologies’ casinos from the rest is that you do not need to play through your PC browser. Some cell phone users can use their network to access their favorite casino game fro Chartwell as well. In addition, you can preview the games you want to play before any deposits are made.

Deposits can be made directly and securely through the gaming software with immediate secure processing. However due to fraud safety measures withdrawals can take up to 48 hours to conclude.

As with many other internet casinos, Chartwell take no short cuts on security and players are assured of all possible safety and fraud protection measures been taken to ensure secure fiscal transactions and treating their personal information with utmost privacy and confidentiality.

Chartwell Technology makes sure that you can rely on them for your safe yet fun filled gaming moments. It is also good to know that they are a member of Remote Gaming Association and associated to the Interactive Gaming Council. These are the type of associations that gamers often do not pay attention to. Yet this is the credentials that provide players with the peace of mind that they have renowned status in the internet gaming business sector and worth to be associated with

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