Equipped with impressive technical specification and impressive features, the Vivo V21 5G makes for a perfect option which is obtainable at an affordable rate of Rs 32,989. The device is equipped with a slim design that fits perfectly into the palm of the hand of the user. The phone also offers a smooth slide-out slip-proof holder for your mobile phone that helps in safekeeping the phone away from harm Vivo V21 5G . It has a stunning back-lit display that gives you plenty of visibility.

The stylish build of the Vivo V21 5G along with the powerful internal engine, dual HD cameras, USB connectivity, and a good amount of memory space provide you with plenty of high definition camera features. The compact size and sleek design make this handset perfect for travelling. The handset has a powerful quad-core processor, which helps in the loading of applications quickly. It also offers a powerful 90hz refresh rate which ensures smooth and brilliant gaming experience.

The innovative power management mechanism of the vivo V 21 5G helps in saving power when the screen is off. It has a unique dual screen display, which helps in viewing multiple applications simultaneously. It offers a unique and advanced image stabilization mechanism, which prevents the image from shifting when you move the camera or tap the power button. There is an intelligent Auto Focus system that works well in the picture taking modes. There is no problem in the picture quality of this handset. It has a full featured camera, which comes with many customizable options like, exposure, focus, flash, manual mode, etc.

The oneplus nord 2 body is constructed out of ballistic nylon material which offers ultimate resistance to shocks and bumps. This is the same material used in manufacturing the HTC Evo Shift, which has made this phone one of the most sought after mobiles in the contemporary market. It also offers users a five megapixel main camera, which helps them to capture memories easily. You can easily zoom or take a few seconds worth of shots with the powerful OIS laser auto focusing system of this handset.

When it comes to the rear camera setup of the vivo v 21 5G, there are two cameras in one, which is a fantastic feature. One of the biggest advantages of using an amoled display screen on your smartphone is that it will work much better when you use the rear camera as compared to the front camera. The amoled screen will help you to capture great images with a higher clarity. This unique technology helps in enhancing the quality of your photographs.

In order to make full use of the innovative internals of the vivo v 21 5G, you need to ensure that you have kept your device safe from water. This can be achieved by using an excellent water resistant body which is removable. The removable plastic body allows you to clean your smartphone in a matter of minutes with no problems. If you are looking for the perfect mid budget smartphone that offers all the functions and features that you require, look no further than the vivo v 21 5G. With a retail price of just $250, this smart phone from Nokia is definitely a great buy.

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