Currently, FDA labeling requirements for dietary supplements do not require the manufacturer to list the amount of excipients or filler added to health supplements. This leaves room for a lot of speculation and ambiguity regarding the strength of the health supplements. This article will focus specifically on Chinese herbal health supplements and the types of inert ingredients added to herbal products.

Labels on the majority of herbal products in the US provide little to no information regarding the use of fillers (ie. starch, otherwise known as an excipient). Excipients are inactive substances that are used as carriers or any ingredient that is added to adjust the intended dosage. Frequently, excipients are used to achieve a uniform 5 to 1 herb ratio. Thus excipients act as a kind of diluting agent. Excipients are also used to facilitate the ingestion of herbal products as they are key ingredients in capsules and pressed pills. Currently, there is no technology to make capsules or pressed health supplements without using excipients.

How much product in the bottle is filler and how much is herbal extract? There is no set answer for this question. It simply depends on the health supplements manufacturer, and many of these manufacturers are not disclosing this information on their labels Roid24 reviews . Gel-Caps and individual packet herbs are the only modalities which do not need to contain excipients. There are over 750 additives (including excipients) which have been approved by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for our food and health supplement products. The possible toxic side effects and relative safety of excipients has been a controversial subject for more than a decade. Some research suggests that excipients can compromise immunity by causing T-Cells to lyse (burst) and may block nutrient uptake. There are compelling reasons for these theories and further research is clearly warranted. There is simply too much we do not know about how excipients interact in our bodies.

With the wide range of health advice and nutritional health supplements available, it is a surprise that one of the most common health complaints heard in modern life is a lack of energy.

Frequently this lacklustre feeling is as a result of poor nutrition and a lack of exercise. Of course the answer is clear: improve our diet or make use of a good natural diet supplement and get regular exercise.

It is the vitamins we are looking for in a healthy diet or in those nutritional health supplements, but which ones do we need?

One of the important substances our bodies need is folic acid. It is the B vitamin in folic acid that improves our energy levels. Folic acid combines with vitamin 12 to form healthy red blood cells. We need a healthy blood stream to carry the nutrients the body needs to where it is required. Something else the red blood cells carry is oxygen. The body needs a rapid distribution of oxygen to improve the function of muscles and the brain and this improves our feeling of energy too.

It has to be understood that a lack of energy and fatigue can be different. Energy concerns the incorrect function of the body’s mechanics whilst fatigue could be psychological too. This means we need to ensure the provision of the correct vitamins, minerals and other nutrients, either from the food we eat or from nutritional health supplements, and the supply of enough oxygen to the brain and muscles.

Increasingly research is showing that a substance called nicotinamide adenine dinucleotide (or NADH) has significant effects on our energy levels. Using a natural diet supplement containing NADH has shown improvements in overall alertness and energy.

NADH is made from niacin and occurs in just about every living cell. It is what is called a coenzyme, and this means it helps enzymes break down foods and convert the nutrients into energy. Recent research has shown that improvements in levels of NADH can help deal with the worst effects of chronic fatigue syndrome.

Another substance that may be considered to improve energy levels is ginko biloba. Gingko also improves the flow of the blood, particularly in the smaller capillaries, and in organs and tissues. It has the effect of dilating the blood vessels and ensures the blood platelets are less sticky. This of course once again helps the movement of nutrients and oxygen around the body.

The effects of gingko biloba mean that those who are looking to take one of the natural diet supplements containing the substance should avoid being on another blood thinner, such as aspirin, or should at least consult your doctor first. The use of both substances could thin the blood too much, leading to complications that are best avoided.

Indeed, any new course of natural diet supplement is better undertaken after consultation from a health professional. This is particularly true is you suffer from a serious condition, such as heart disease, as drugs you may already be taking could react with any new treatment. Unfortunately the opinions of doctors do vary, particularly in the use of non-drug so-called ‘alternative’ treatments, but it is still better to seek advice.

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