There are many things you need to consider when you are looking for a paintball sniper marker. These things include the stock, the grip, scope, ammo, and how it loads. These things make a big difference when you are on the playing field for some people.

When you buy a paintball sniper marker you want to be sure that the stock is adjustable or that the gun fits against your shoulders as it should. The gun should be comfortably resting when you hold the gun. Many rifles have an adjustable stock which allows you to move it to the location that you need it to be in.

Most markers have rails integrated on the top of them. You can put things like a scope and a laser light on them. If you want to use a scope so you can have your target in a better line of 7.62×39 ammo for sale sight this would be a good option for you. Some people like the realism of the red dot laser too which will fit on a rail.

The grip of a marker rifle is important. Many of the guns have a pistol grip rather than fit your hand like a rifle. A pistol grip on a rifle fits your hand exactly like a pistol. It is a big gun so you need to be comfortable with the way you hold it. Some people don’t like the pistol grip. Be sure you are comfortable with whichever grip you choose for your rifle.

Another consideration for a paintball sniper marker is how much ammo the cartridge has the capability of holding. Some cartridges can hold 100 paintballs while others may only be able to hold 20 rounds. The advantage to a gun with a cartridge that holds a lot of ammo is that you have to reload the weapon less. You can have more cartridges in your vest so you can pop out the cartridge and load a new one.

One of the most important things to people when they consider a marker as a sniper is the way that the gun fires the ammunition. Some guns are spring loaded and require you to pump them every time you pull the trigger. Some guns require you to pull the trigger every time you want to shoot a paintball and others allow you to just hold down the trigger. There are semi-automatic and automatic sniper rifles. This will allow you to take multiple shots at your target repeatedly.

The four discussed here were the 4 most used from the dawn of smokeless powder through WWII. They enjoyed widespread use and tens of millions of rifles were made for them and used by many countries. All four of the cartridges have enjoyed some commercial success especially the 30-06. With good ammo they are useful hunting cartridges.

One of the first of them to be introduced was the 8 X 57 Mauser. Originally brought out in 1888 it was first used in the Commission rifle using a 318 diameter bullet. It originally used a 226 grain round nose at 2100 feet per second. In 1898 when the 98 Mauser came out it also employed this round. In 1905 the diameter was increased to 323 and employed a 154 grain bullet at nearly 2900 feet per second. The 318 diameter load was known as the J load while the newer spitzer was designated the S. Many countries employed this round for the military including, China, Poland and Czechoslovakia. Today it is used for sporting purposes in many countries. Like the others it is a capable sporting and big game load.

Developed in 1887 and introduced in 1888 the 303 British was also widely distributed and used for many years through WWII. Originally introduced with black powder and a 215 grain round nose smokeless propellant was introduced in 1892. A 174 grain spitzer was introduced in 1910 giving it greatly extended range. Velocity was rated at about 2400 feet per second. It served as the military rifle of Great Britain until 1957 when it was replaced by the 7.62 X 51 NATO round. As a sporting round it is still used in many places including Australia and Canada. With the proper ammo it is capable of taking most big game at sensible ranges.

In 1891 the Russians brought out the Mosen Nagant rifle in the 7.62 X 54 Rimmed. Like the rest it used a round nose bullet until 1909 when a 150 grain pointed bullet was employed at a velocity of around 2700 FPS. This round has the distinction of being the longest lived military round in use as even today its used in the Dragnov sniper rifles and heavy machine guns. The Russian round is still used in some target matches in Scandinavia and elsewhere. The rifles are cheap and plentiful plus ammo is available. Like the 303 and 8 X 57 new commercial rifles aren’t readily available though you can get a custom job.

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