Game or another name is game is something that is very popular at this time in Indonesia, especially among students. The game itself consists of online games and offline games, online games are games that can be played by many people, while offline games can only be played by limited people. And the most favorite online games is always a bone of contention for the players.

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The existence of the game itself is increasing after the holding of online game matches that are widely spread in Indonesia, even beyond expectations that games can make Indonesia’s name fragrant throughout the world. This is evident where many online game players have won the game stage where the championship brings together representatives from each country dominoqq terpercaya . And of course this is also what makes the government finally support online games to continue to exist in Indonesia.

There are so many kinds of most favorite online games, including PUBG and Mobile Legend. These two games have very many players or players in Indonesia.

On the other hand, offline games themselves cannot be underestimated, because there are so many kinds of offline games that do have their own fans or players. Although it can only be played by a limited number of people, offline games also have quite a lot of fans in Indonesia.

Examples of offline games that are favorites in Indonesia include PES, GTA V and many other games. Well, even so, it can be said that for these types of games, those that are still widely played are the most favorite online games.

Although it produces several positive effects or impacts, of course there are also many negative impacts given by the most favorite online games. Among them are online games are wasteful, online games are wasting time, online games can make easy emotions and many more bad effects given by online games today.


There’s nothing wrong with playing games, because games can relieve fatigue that you get for a full day after routine activities such as studying and working. And of course online games still have a positive impact compared to gambling, which is clearly very detrimental to the gamblers themselves.

Even gambling has become a criminal act because the government has officially banned gambling from being played in Indonesia. This is because there are so many bad effects or effects of gambling, and of course there is no positive impact at all. Examples of gambling that are very widespread today are online gambling, including online slot gambling, domino gambling, poker gambling, and dominoqq online.

Of course, after knowing the negative impact that gambling has had, it’s better to never get involved in gambling. In Indonesia itself, many students still make online games their favorite compared to gambling which of course the future of Indonesian students can still be said to be safe.

This is because they are not entangled in the vicious environment of gambling, but of course playing online games for too long is not good for health and of course can cause other negative impacts.

So, therefore, for those of you who are still students, it is better to play games for no longer than 2 hours, because this of course can maintain your body’s health and also does not eliminate your responsibility in studying as a student.

We hope this article about the most favorite online games will help you to choose the best for you to play. Thank you

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