When Facebook and Twitter were involved (indirectly) in the Arab spring, that is to say all of their users were using these platforms to stay in contact with each other, the FBI, CIA, and even the military became concerned that those companies could be potential targets of terrorists, or nation states who wanted to stop the flow of information. Indeed, one could say it is hard to remain neutral and still allow the flow of communication throughout the world. It’s a tricky business.

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Nevertheless, a nation which is trying to batten down the hatches on its citizens, their liberty, and their free speech might go out of their way to actually attack a private business here the United States, as they would see them as an enabler, and an enemy of their nation Australian shepherd for adoption . In their minds it would be a legitimate target. That’s a scary thing considering some of these Internet companies could be considered startups, and they don’t have armed security, well perhaps they do, but probably not the fire power of a planned strategic assault.

Now then, there was an interesting article submitted by the AP on July 19, 2012 titled; “Google Takes Aim at Mexico’s Drug Cartels” by Martina Mendoza. This is quite interesting, and by allowing people to network and put onto a map the locations of drug crimes and drug dealers it could help in enforcement and warning citizens, but it could subject the company to a potential backlash from those criminal elements or drug cartels. Also, the users are taking a risk in putting their lives into their own hands by sharing the information.

Crowd sourcing through social networks could indeed help stop such things, but it is also a slippery slope, and hard to remain neutral when you take sides. And when you do there are sure to be repercussions, and the drug cartels have plenty of weapons, and plenty of members who might take that war to the streets, perhaps even in Silicon Valley, although let’s hope not.

Would the crowd sourcing and social networking of all these locations, individuals, and routes of drug smugglers be sufficient enough to catch these individuals prior to them launching an assault on the social networks and private companies that allow this information to be posted online? We know that information is powerful, and information can bring down countries, but it can also incite violence, and a reciprocal response from those criminal forces that are targeted by the mass crowds online.

Your alcohol and drug use is spinning out of control and you are concerned that you may have an addiction. You would like to know for sure, but do not want to go to an office. There are actually several websites that offer online self tests for addiction assessment. Of course the best thing is to discuss your concerns with your doctor who can assess your drug and alcohol use, but the self test will give you a general idea of your abuse or addiction.

First of all, reaching the point where you begin to think that you may have a substance abuse problem is difficult. Perhaps you have questions because your relationships with family and friends are becoming strained, or perchance your attention and performance at work or school has fallen below the norm. It is possible that you have developed legal problems for driving under the influence. The point is that you know that something is not right, because you have questions, which is a step in the right direction.

If for whatever reason, you do not feel comfortable speaking with your doctor, there are a number of websites online such as friendsofchoices.org and ncadd.org that offer assessments that ask a series of questions to determine your risk for addiction. Each question will ask you to consider your substance abuse and to think about how much you use drugs and alcohol; when you are more likely to use, such as the time of day and your reasons for use. Some websites are interactive in which you will click a button. Depending on your answer to particular questions, the site will then direct you to a more in-depth questionnaire and progressively continue until the end.

Some of the questions the online self assessments (as well as questions your doctor may ask you), pertain to how much work or school you miss because of your substance abuse; whether or not your home life has suffered because of your alcohol and drug use; whether or not do you have feelings of guilt or shame; and if substance abuse exists in your family and so forth. The general idea, based on traditional approaches to addiction, is that if you can answer yes to those questions then you are at risk.

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